BBC’s Top Gear > Top Gear USA

BBC’s Top Gear resumes today! I can’t wait to watch it. It’s been a while since they left off, and I’ve been watchin TG:USA in the meantime during my lunch breaks.

TG:USA, will it really work? It just feels so scripted. I know, BBC’s Top Gear had a rough start too, like many shows. But, I’m watching season 2 right now, and the chemistry just hasn’t happened.

I like Tanner, he actually has lines that seem natural. Adam, by a decent amount, annoys me and just seems totally out of place. Rutledge, meh, sometimes he’s funny, sometimes it sounds like he’s having a hard time reading the teleprompter. All-in-all, they still don’t have much on the original. They don’t seem to dare say anything scandalous (politically, or otherwise), for fear of losing viewers. I guess I can’t blame them too much, the US is way more divided than the UK/EU. I mean, as far as my American brain knows.

I’ll still watch it, it’s an American, non-NASCAR car show. It’s pretty much all we’ve got.