I’ve been working on a small Arduino project to datalog my commute. I’m using an Arduino Uno with SK Pang’s CAN Bus Shield. I also have added the optional GPS and LCD to the mix. There is an micro-SD card slot for storage.

Image no longer available :(

The aim of the project is just to collect data. As much as I can put into the SD card. I plan on calculating driving efficiency using somewhat arbitrary measures like throttle modulation, temperature, etc.


So, all-in-all, about $170.


Image no longer available :(

Here are most of the parts before soldering the JST stuff on.

Image no longer available :(

The actual JST socket should be on the other side of the PCB. Oops. And I wish the “joystick” wasn’t soldered on from the get-go, so I could mount it (or something similar) somewhere else.

I’ve gotten the (horribly written) example code working, and know that it will work with my car. I’m attempting to modularize the example code and mix it with my own to make a slightly better designed program.

The repository is public.

I might also incorporate parts of OpenXC in this as well. And I’ve forked OpenXC in the hopes of one day porting it to work with this CAN Bus shield.

I followed this guide to work in Eclipse.