Harbor Freight Trailer Build – Part 2

I finished up the tail light and signal wiring. I still have 4 LED clearance lights to place somewhere, but I’ll wait until I figure out what else is going on the trailer before placing them, in the hopes I can place them higher up.

Image no longer available :(

I did notice the LED trailer kit that Harbor Freight sells seems to skimp on the side markers of the tail light assemblies (top assembly is the incandescent version that comes with the trailer):

Image no longer available :(Oh well. That makes my LED improvements more worthwhile. It was a lot of wiring. I now have much more respect for truckers who wire up dozens of them all over their cabs and trailers.

Image no longer available :(

It does look cool at night though!

Not entirely sure all those LEDs were worth the effort and money. But hopefully I’ll be more visible at night and it’s hard to put a price on that, especially since it’s basically the car and trailer’s only safety feature.

In other news, I received my slicks and wheels. The wheels are really nice considering they are very affordable. They aren’t exactly lightweight racing wheels, but they are quality made. Still, they are noticeably lighter than my 16” XXR wheel and tires. They are 15×8+0 Enkei Apache IIs. The tires are Hankook Ventus Z214s in C71 (soft) compound.

Image no longer available :(

Next step is to figure out a good and safe way to hold the tires.