I’ve been busy these past few weeks trying to get my 280Z autocross ready, and porting my C++/DirectX windows game to Java with LibGDX.

Overall I am very impressed with LibGDX. The GUI API isn’t very good though. I’ve decided to roll my own (again!) for this game. At least the first release. I see that the LibGDX one supports nice fonts and textures and whatnot. It shouldn’t be too difficult to reimplement the base class with it and refactor when it matures.

Otherwise, It’s real easy to get going. A couple weekends and I’m nearly at the same point that it took me 2 years to get to with C++ (although, say a month of actual work).

Box2D is included and I intend to make full use of it’s hilariousness. It will be difficult to translate the bitmap/pixel-destruction of the original inspiring game, but I have a few ideas I can try.