Last week, I decided for my next side project I’d try out live streaming. So, I created a Twitch account, installed Twitch’s streaming software (and then moved to OBS), and started just last week.

The project is another board game digitization. Due to a chain of unfortunate events, I lost the first boardgame I converted that was 90% complete. However, it was more of a learning experience and the game itself lacked a lot.

So for this second round, I’m going to implement a clone of the Eclipse board game.

I plan on streaming regularly: M/T/Th 8-10pm CT

And I’ll try to archive previous streams on my YouTube channel.

Oh, and the dev server is hosted here: (“games” in Latin, since was taken). Future projects I’ve imagined are an expanded Lobby GUI (Material UI? NES React? Grommet?), and multiple games.