The Other End of UXD

What do you do, as a software maker, to discourage someone from uninstalling your software? Make it take a lot of clicking:

Image no longer available :(

Excellent job, WildTangent. Now, I thought I would be clever and just focus onto the listbox and press the space bar and down arrow key multiple… multiple times. Well, it would seem they thought of that scenario and made the Cancel button the object that receives focus right after the listbox.

Let me clarify something though: Usually, you tab to a group of checkboxes or radiobuttons, and use the arrow keys to navigate. If you navigate past one end, it will wrap to the beginning of the group. WildTangent appears to have programmed it in to where pressing the down arrow at the last checkbox item in the list results in the cancel button becoming focused.

So what this resulted in was cancelling all my efforts. And it doesn't pop up a confirmation dialog when you hit cancel either (“Are you sure you want to cancel setup?"). Ugh.