udev broke, server broke, router broke

I attempted to get a webcam going on our home server. So, I plug it in, and since I’ve done this before I ran a script I made to grab an image from the webcam. Which didn’t work. So, after checking out why (/dev/video0 node was missing), I noticed that the kernel no longer had support built in.

After going through the kernel options, I realized they changed the v4l and webcam support options around and since I just upgrade using “-silentoldconfig” (the bad way to do upgrades), it broke whenever I upgraded to 3.2.12. And 3.2.12 wasn’t in portage’s tree anymore, and I didn’t have the sources for it installed (mistake number 2), so I was pretty much SOL.

So I decided to upgrade. Remotely. 1500 miles remotely. Long story short, a udev upgrade swapped my network device names around and broke the internet on the reboot, and I had to wait until I was home to fix it. I kind of knew this was going to happen, but meh, I like to gamble.

It’s amazing how many config files have references to eth0/1 in them.

Now everything started to work normally again, except after purchasing a game on Steam, my router appeared to drop the connection during the download. As it turns out, the router was at 100% CPU and 99% memory, and I guess was just running out of memory and rebooting due to the download (2-3 MB/s). So, it looks like my internet is faster than my wireless router can handle.

It’s a WRT54G running DD-WRT, and I don’t see any firmware upgrades for it. But DD-WRT’s website is pretty whack, so who knows. I think I’m going to upgrade it in the future, if it keeps crapping out on me.