Migrating to a static site

I’m testing out various static site generators and will be migrating this site to one in the next month or two. I will retain existing post comments, as there are so few but they are useful. The new static site will not allow new comments to be posted. I’m not sure I want to go with something like Disqus.

Migrating to Firefox from Google Chrome

After Firefox Quantum was released, I tried it out and decided to switch. I had a few reasons why: Faster No tracking Can run Add-Ons (Extensions) on mobile I was very impressed, especially with Tracking Protection, how much faster Firefox has become. Number 2 refers to all your browsing data being sent to Google HQ, encrypted I imagine, but still. And for number 3, on Android certain sites would have 3rd party ads that redirected the browser from the new article or whatever page I was reading to some spammy ad page.