Released my first Android app

After searching for a simple GPS Speedometer app that provided a speed readout in more than just 2 units (a free one, of course), I thought it would be the perfect project for my first Android app. It took only a few hours to make it, the Eclipse ADT makes this pretty easy. Google Play link I’m glad I’ve gotten more familiar with the publishing process. It’ll help when I release a game I’ve been tinkering with for a few years.


I’ve been busy these past few weeks trying to get my 280Z autocross ready, and porting my C++/DirectX windows game to Java with LibGDX. Overall I am very impressed with LibGDX. The GUI API isn’t very good though. I’ve decided to roll my own (again!) for this game. At least the first release. I see that the LibGDX one supports nice fonts and textures and whatnot. It shouldn’t be too difficult to reimplement the base class with it and refactor when it matures.


I’ve been working on a small Arduino project to datalog my commute. I’m using an Arduino Uno with SK Pang’s CAN Bus Shield. I also have added the optional GPS and LCD to the mix. There is an micro-SD card slot for storage. The aim of the project is just to collect data. As much as I can put into the SD card. I plan on calculating driving efficiency using somewhat arbitrary measures like throttle modulation, temperature, etc.

Refactoring with regular expressions

I’m re-learning JavaScript, and I noticed I was refactoring functions a lot on some old code. I’m putting some useful stuff here for reference: aFunc(blah) → this.aFunc = function(blah) Find: function (\w+)( Replace with: this.\1 = function(  To go the other way: Find: \t(\w+)\s=\sfunction( Replace with: \tfunction \1(  Change aFunc(blah) to SOME.qualifier.aFunc(blah) **Find: **\t(\w+() **Replace with: **\tSOME.qualifier.\1