Exporting Drupal Pages/Posts to WordPress

I've decided to consolidate some of my web presence. My car's website will be merged into this one. Going from WordPress to Drupal is easy, but the other way is not. I found a couple links for SQL scripts to import lots of posts automatically, but these were and are easily outdated by Drupal and to a lesser extent WordPress. It was easier just to create my own SQL JOIN statement and export the resulting list.

Released my first Android app

After searching for a simple GPS Speedometer app that provided a speed readout in more than just 2 units (a free one, of course), I thought it would be the perfect project for my first Android app. It took only a few hours to make it, the Eclipse ADT makes this pretty easy. Google Play link I'm glad I've gotten more familiar with the publishing process. It'll help when I release a game I've been tinkering with for a few years.

Second 280Z autocross

Second autocross. This course was a bit more technical, and my car was definitely not setup for it. I was out of the power band most of the time, which was somewhat aggravating. At least I plumbed my wastegate back in, so it's quiet at full throttle. Here's my best run:

Delete all your reddit comments

I noticed that my reddit account had a few posts that were too revealing. So, I decided to remove them. I stumbled upon a couple greasemonkey scripts to delete all posts, which got my interested in seeing if I could write up a quick script to do the same that could run in the Developer Tools of any browser, rather than relying on an extension. The catch is that you, apparently, should edit each comment's content to remove it before deleting it, otherwise it's still cached in other users’ inboxes or something.

First autocross in the 280Z

Well I hammered out a few problems with the car and decided to try it out at an autocross. There was slight rain during the first half of the event, but it cleared up completely in the afternoon. To put it blunt: The car is very hard to control. Old suspension, too peaky of a powerband, and a short wheelbase spell trouble. It was fun though.

Best spin out:

My best runs after the jump.

The 280Z’s first time at a 1/4 mile drag strip

If there's one thing nice about our new place, it's that there's a full quarter mile drag strip nearby. I had my car shipped here, and this is pretty much the first thing I did. The track is really nice, although it's more expensive (surprise, surprise), and very crowded. The problem seems to be that they have street car night at the same time they have the non-street car night.


I've been busy these past few weeks trying to get my 280Z autocross ready, and porting my C++/DirectX windows game to Java with LibGDX. Overall I am very impressed with LibGDX. The GUI API isn't very good though. I've decided to roll my own (again!) for this game. At least the first release. I see that the LibGDX one supports nice fonts and textures and whatnot. It shouldn't be too difficult to reimplement the base class with it and refactor when it matures.

Moving home server to Arch

I've ordered a 2 terabyte hard drive to appropriately serve as a backup drive for my home server. This would normally just require swapping the old backup drive out for it, and then performing a backup. But I figure since I'll have it down anyway, I'll have enough drives to swap to Arch Linux and get things going again with the old drive as a … backup. I've got quite a few services setup on it, and I'm not looking forward to moving all the config files over

Switched to Arch Linux from Gentoo

Time installing Gentoo: days Time installing Archlinux: 30 mins. I have an old Intel based Dell laptop with 1.8GHz single-core processor. I've had Windows XP on it for a couple years, then I switched to Gentoo for the past 5 or 6 years. Well, it's really not the kind of laptop that you should be compiling everything from source on. I'm tired of going through the “everything's broken, hook it the ethernet cable and start fixing it” routine after I've left it alone for months at a time.