3rd pump’s the charm

So I picked up a Bosch 044 fuel pump for a song, and decided to get rid of my Fuelab Prodigy pump. I almost wrote about the Fuelab install, but since I intended on replacing it, it wasn’t worth it. It was just too much for my vehicle, even at my target boost levels. The Fuelab pump was brushless, and so was very picky about voltage. It was unusable during cranking due to a large voltage drop because of my small battery.

Find videos by FPS

I produced some videos in 60 FPS, but couldn’t remember which ones. Since, of course, I didn’t label their FPS at the time, I needed to find them in vast sea of 30 FPS videos. Rather than just use a simple grep with ffmpeg to find which ones, I thought it might be more useful to find all videos that have a certain FPS threshold. Usage: ./60fps.sh [directory] #!/bin/bash SAVEIFS=$IFS IFS=$'\n' function fpscheck { FPS=$(ffmpeg -i "

Msqur 1.0 released

As mentioned previously, I wanted to open the source to msqur up and put development on the backburner. I have added an appropriate license for it (although I do need to add library licenses/notices in there as well). It is now GPL licensed, and I have made the repository public. Some things I added: Added basic charts for the 2D tables Added table header text to tables Added reingest script to allow for easier MSQ cache updates Fixed some of the documentation up Known issues, mostly the same as before:

Oculus Rift and Touch

I’m super excited for the imminent onslaught of consumer grade VR equipment and game support. I think it will change how games are played from now on. Not all games, mind you, it takes a certain level of involvement to strap on a head-mounted display and get into the experience. The military already uses similar technology extensively for training. It’s just a matter of months before equipment hits shelves. That said, there’s a serious problem with it already.

Msqur Update v0.72b

I dug in this past weekend and updated a few things: INI Parsing revamp. Support for more tables and curves. UI Update so that all this new information is somewhat organized A few minor bug fixes and enhancements Known issues: MS3 file support is poor Constants are just blurted out without any organization INI Parsing of formulas and directives not implemented yet I plan on opening the source code up under some kind of OSS license, after fixing a few more issues and updating the documentation.

Harbor Freight Trailer Build – Part 3

It’s been a while from the last update, but the build is winding down. That’s good, because I’ve put entirely too much effort into this.

I figured out how to secure the tires. Using some 1/8" steel angle ($30), I made some mounts.

Image no longer available :(

Action Camera Review: Garmin Virb Elite

After seeing a fellow MSNE autocrosser post a video with nice data overlays, I asked what datalogger and software he used. It turns out it wasn’t just a data logger, it was a camera that gathered his speed, acceleration, and so on for him. It was the Garmin Virb Elite. The ‘Elite’ part signifying the difference between the non-sensor, data-less variant. I’d never heard of it, and I thought I kept at least a cursory eye on the action camera market.

Msqur Update v0.60b

A little while ago I updated msqur.com to 0.60b. Changes include: Added engine make/code fields for uploads Added view count and increment And less visibly: Finished OO refactor Update API documentation (not public yet) Added deployment scripts I still haven’t finished INI file parsing 100%. There’s a bit more to do, but I’ve been busy with work and other projects. I’m thinking of releasing the project under an appropriate open-source license once I finish that, so hopefully others can join in on the fun.

On Properly Setting Your Cooling Fan Temperature Threshold

When I first installed an aftermarket ECU (Megasquirt I) in my 1984 300ZX, years ago (almost 10 as of this writing!), I used the recommended GM sensor for coolant temperature. It required a bit of machining to fit the sensor, nothing major.

With my latest engine (and the two cars it was in), I decided to use the OEM Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor, since hey, why not? It was already there, in an optimal spot. All I had to do was make software changes to calibrate MS-II to it’s temperature/resistance curve. I had the data in the Factory Service Manual, all was well.

Harbor Freight Trailer Build – Part 2

I finished up the tail light and signal wiring. I still have 4 LED clearance lights to place somewhere, but I’ll wait until I figure out what else is going on the trailer before placing them, in the hopes I can place them higher up.

Image no longer available :(